Case Settings

Case Settings enables you to define the settings that apply to all cases and workflow for case types. To access the case settings, click Settings > Case Settings from the left navigation.

The following are the categories in case settings:




Allows you to:

  • Set the prefix for the case ID.
  • Enable or disable integration with Slack.
  • Identify accepted URLs, regular expressions, and IP addresses.
  • Configure email server for form notifications.
  • Import or download case settings.

Case Types

Allows you to view the list of case types and create a new case type. See Manage Case Types.


Allows you to view a list of system default fields and user created fields, and create new fields. See, Manage Case Fields.


Allows you to view a list of different priority levels you can set for each case, and create a custom priority level.

Status Workflow

Allows you to create a custom workflow from creation to completion. Every step of progress adds to a workflow. See, Manage Case Workflow.

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