Case Settings

Case Settings enables you to define the settings that apply to all cases and workflow for case types. To access the case settings, click Settings > Case Settings from the left navigation.

The following are the categories in case settings:

GeneralAllows you to configure the settings. See General
Case TypesAllows you to view the list of case types and create a new case type. See Manage Case Types.
FieldsAllows you to view a list of system default fields and user created fields, and create new fields. See Manage Case Fields.
PriorityAllows you to view a list of different priority levels you can set for each case, and create a custom priority level. See Priority.
Status WorkflowAllows you to create a custom workflow from creation to completion. Every step of progress adds to a workflow. See, Manage Case Workflow.

To access the settings, click Settings > Case Settings from the left navigation.


On the General tab, configure the following settings:

  • Case ID prefix. To change the prefix that is used for all case IDs, hover over the current value and click the Edit icon. Enter the new value and press Return.
  • Slack integration. Enable or disable Slack integration for case comments. To view the list of cases that are enabled for Slack integration and to disable the integration for any of them, click View Slack Enabled Cases.
  • List of Whitelisted Regular Expressions. URLs, IP addresses and file hashes are automatically extracted from each case title and description and stored in the Extracted URls, Extracted IP Addresses and Extracted File hashes fields in cases. The regular expression and patterns that are provided here are used to determine the whitelist for the extracted value. The values that match these patterns are not extracted.
  • Configure Email Server. Configure email server settings for notifications associated with task forms. Specify information for the POP/IMAP mail server.
  • Import or Download Case Settings. Import case settings including case types, fields, priorities, status workflows.


You can create a list of custom priority levels for each case other than the default priorities.

To create a new custom priority level:

  • On the Priority tab, click New Priority Level to add a new value.
  • Enter the value and select an associated icon from the drop-down list.
  • Click Add.
  • Click on the three dots (...) on the priority to edit or delete a priority.
    • You can rearrange the priority order (high to low) by dragging and dropping the priority to the new location.

Import or Download Case Settings

To import the case settings including case types, fields, priorities, status workflows:

  1. Go to Settings > Case Settings on the left navigation.
  2. In General tab, click on Import or Download Case Settings. You can import the case settings in two ways:
    1. Click Import from File / URL to import case settings from a file. Import using the following options:
      • Enter the file location
      • Browse to upload a file
      • Click Next.
    2. Click Import from Content Exchange.

To download all the case settings as a JSON file, click Download. To publish the case settings, click Publish to Content Exchange and click Publish.

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