Give Feedback

Feedback allows you to express your opinion about each category in the LogicHub User Interface.

To give feedback:

  1. Go to Help > Give Feedback on the left navigation. A Give Feedback form opens up.
  2. Click on any category to provide your feedback.
  3. Click on the emoticons to let us know what do you feel about the features in the selected category.
  4. Write a few lines about what do you like or dislike about the features.
  5. Click Submit.

Additionally, click on [email protected] at the bottom of the feedback window if you have any questions or to report a bug.


You can also find the Give Feedback button on the automation window.

Now, you can also give feedback on the automation form inside the playbook. Click Give Feedback on the automation form, you will see a feedback pop-up window for the selected automation, 'Create Custom Data' in this example.


A feedback pop-up window opens up.


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