Set Up Conditional Execution

You can set up any steps (except the output step) for conditional execution. With conditional execution, if there is no input to the dependent step when the playbook is executed, execution stops and output isn't generated.

Conditional execution is helpful if you have some steps that are expensive to execute and that might not have any input data. In these cases, conditional execution improves processing efficiency and lets you avoid incurring any third-party costs associated with the step.

Set Up Conditional Execution

  1. In the Advanced Mode playbook designer, identify the step for which you want execution to be conditional.
  2. Click + and select Conditional Execution.
  1. The setup window shows the step you have selected. Select the step to depend on from the drop-down list. The list includes all steps that are not descendants of the selected step.
  1. Click Submit.

The map now shows a dotted line connection between the dependent step and the step that it depends on. If you don’t see the dotted line, click Relayout.

The setup is now complete. When the playbook runs, if there is no input to the dependent step, playbook execution stops and no output is generated.

To remove a conditional execution link, click + for the step and select Conditional Execution. Choose Select step to depend on from the drop-down list and click Submit. This action clears the previous selection and removes the conditional execution link.

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