Manage Case Fields

Case Management allows you to customize fields to accurately find what you're looking for and add additional information catering to your specific needs. Fields are the list of data fields associated with cases.

To support flexible case management, LogicHub allows you to add custom fields for use in cases. For example, if you want to record information about a specific characteristic that applies to your case environments, such as a customer preference or product type, you can add a field to record that information.

How to Create a Custom Case Field

  1. Go to Settings > Case Settings on the left navigation.
  2. Click Fields tab and click New Field on the top-right corner of the page. A New Field form opens up. Enter the following information in the form:
    • Name: Enter a unique name to identify the field.
    • Display Name: Enter the display name for the field in the UI.
    • Description: Add a description.
    • Type: Select the type field. If you choose Select or Multi Select, the UI prompts you to specify the selection values. Enter a value and click Add. Continue adding the values you want to include. For details on the type fields, refer to the table below.
    • For Associated Case Types, choose All to make the field available for all case types or Choose the case types you want to include. You can select multiple case types by selecting each from the drop-down list.
    • The Is Observable option allows you to identify cases that are similar.
  3. Click Save.
    • A new field will be created and listed on the fields list page. Use the search field to search the newly created field.
    • The Fields list page shows default system fields and followed by the user created fields.

Field Types

The following table describes the field types.

Field TypeDescription
DateTimeAllows you to select the date and time in HH:MM:SS format.
IP AddressAllows you to enter IP address.
NumberAllows you to enter the number.
SelectAllows you to specify the selection values out of which you can select only a single value.
Multi SelectAllows you to specify the selection values out of which you can select multiple values.
MultiValuedAllows you to enter multiple values.
TextAllows you to enter a single line of text.
TextareaAllows you to enter multiple lines of text.
JSONAllows you to enter JSON query.
MarkdownAllows you to enter markdown syntax.
URLAllows you to enter a URL.
UserAllows you to select a user.

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