Add a Step to Ask User Input

Ask User Input steps enable you to send forms (questionnaires) to users, both internal and external, to to receive information from individuals or groups of users, which can be used in processing an incident or progressing with your case management. The collected data can be used for incident analysis. You can also automate actions in response the information. For more information regarding this, see How to Automate a Process Based on User Input.

What You'll Learn

  • How to create and send a form from the playbook?

Create and Send a Form from Playbook

A user input form can be created via playbook and forms template. To know more, see Forms Template.

To automate the user input form via playbook:

  1. Hover over the step after which you want to send the form. Click + button.
  2. Search for ask user input in the step catalog and open the Ask User Input step from the results.
  3. In the Ask User Input form, select a form from the drop-down or click Create a New Form and click Next. To know more about creating a form, see Forms Template.
  4. Enter the details in the form and click Preview Form at the bottom to view the form details and click Next.
    • An Email Preview of the form will be displayed.


The form will execute only when you schedule a playbook using Streams. Once the stream is scheduled, email will be triggered to the recipients.

Automate Tasks Based on User's Input

To automate an action based on what a user has replied to in the form, you need to add a command while creating a form. To know more, see How to Automate a Process Based on User Input.


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