Connect Cases with Slack

LogicHub allows you integrate Slack with cases. The comments on a case will be visible as part of your Slack channels conversation and messages on your Slack channels will appear in cases as comments. You can enable or disable the Slack Channel via Case Settings.

To establish a connection between LogicHub and Slack:

  1. Go to Settings > Case Settings > Slack Integration.
  2. Click Enable Slack for LogicHub and click Continue.
  3. In the 'LogicHub Cases is requesting permission to access the LogicHub Slack workspace', click Allow.
  4. In the Slack Permissions page, click Allow.
    • Slack is now enabled via the Case Settings page.

How to Connect Case to Slack Channel

Cases provides the ability to connect to the Slack channel.

To connect with Slack channel and interact using comments sections:

  1. Click Connect from the Connect Slack Channel in the Comments section. By default, the channel name will be the name of the case and you can choose to edit it and click Done.
    • A message appears that you are successfully connected to the Slack channel.
  2. Navigate to the Slack app and search for the name of the channel you created.
    • This channel allows you to keep track of the comments that are recorded in Slack and in the case's comments section.
    • You can also use Slack or case's comments section to send messages to the channel, which appear in both the comments section and the Slack channel.

View Slack Enabled Cases

Click View Slack enabled cases on the Case Settings page to view the cases that are linked to the Slack channel. On the right panel, a pop-up window displays the cases that are connected to the slack channel. You can disable Slack for cases through the toggle button on the right pop-up panel on the case settings page.

What's Next

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