Create Custom Data Table

To create your own custom data table:

  • Go to Playbooks in Easy Mode, click New Playbook, > Use your own data > Create Custom Data.
    The following form opens up on the right pane.
  • In the Create Custom Data form, switch between the Table Mode and JSON Editor to view the custom data. By default, the view opens up to Table Mode.

  • Click New to add new rows at the bottom of the table and click + to add new columns to the right. You can add as many new rows and columns as desired.

  • Click to edit each cell and update accordingly and click Run.

  • Click on the newly added column name to rename and select the type of column: String or Integer.



In the table, the # indicates Integer, and A (underlined) indicates a String.

  • Click the delete icon at the end of the row to delete the rows and click Delete Column to delete the columns.

  • Click JSON Editor to view the JSON data format.


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