Basic Operations in Playbook

Playbook allows you to perform some of the new operations in the output data that provide more options to do the following:

  • Select the columns to filter data: Allows you to select single or multiple fields to perform the actions.
  • Show/Hide fields: Allows you to show or hide the selected fields. Click on the hide button next to checkbox to hide the field and click on the hide icon on the top-right of the output data to completely hide the field.
  • View as raw data: Allows you to view the raw data and JSON data.
  • Optimize view using minimize/maximize rows: Allows you to minimize and maximize the rows in the result table.
  • Add new field: Allows you to add a new field to the existing data. You can add up to three new fields.
  • View data type of the column: Provides the data type information of the column.

The below sections show how the data can be filtered in each category.

Single Field

If you select a single field, click on Actions on 1 Item to view the options that you can perform for this field.


Table View
With this single field selected, click on the table icon to view the results in tabular. The single field selected in JSON view displays as column view. Click on the header to view options to filter. Click on the cell to copy or filter the value.


Multiple Fields

If you select multiple fields, click on Actions on 3 Items to view the options that you can perform for the selected fields.


Single Value

If you click on the table view, the tabular data opens up. Click on a single cell to copy or filter the data. Filter value provides you an option to create a filter step in the playbook.


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