Cisco Ironport

Version: 1.0.0

The Cisco IronPort Hosted Email Security solution cleans up all inbound mail by using industry leading anti-spam, anti-virus, and other rules. This ensures that the mail traffic that reaches the customer premises is free from email malware.

Connect Cisco Ironport with LogicHub

  1. Navigate to Automations > Integrations.
  2. Search for Cisco Umbrella.
  3. Click Details, then the + icon. Enter the required information in the following fields.
    • Label: Enter a connection name.
    • Reference Values: Define variables here to templatize integration connections and actions. For example, you can use https://www.{{hostname}}.com where, hostname is a variable defined in this input. For more information on how to add data, see 'Add Data' Input Type for Integrations.
    • Verify SSL: Select option to verify connecting server's SSL certificate (Default is Verify SSL Certificate).
    • Remote Agent: Run this integration using the LogicHub Remote Agent.
    • Server Address: URL of server. It is usually https://{appliance}:{port}.
    • Username: To access Cisco Ironport REST API, provide valid Username.
    • Password: Provide password for the mentioned User.
  4. After you've entered all the details, click Connect.

Actions for Cisco Ironport

Adding, Editing and Appending Safelist and Blocklist Entries

You can add, edit and append safelist and blocklist entries. If the record does not exist, the entry is added. If the record exists, the entry is edited.

Input Field

Choose a connection that you have previously created and then fill in the necessary information in the following input fields to complete the connection.

Input NameDescriptionRequired
List TypeSelect list type.Required
Body DataJinja-templated JSON containing the parameters. Example: {"action": action, "quarantineType": "spam", "recipientAddresses": recipient_addresses, "recipientList": recipient_list, "senderAddresses": sender_addresses, "senderList": sender_list, "viewBy": view_by }Required


JSON containing the following items:

  "error": null,
	"has_error": false,
  "results": {}

Release Notes

  • v1.0.0 - Initial release.

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