Add a Step to Take Action in Integration

Integration in LogicHub allows you to connect to a third-party application in specific ways. LogicHub offers various applications to integrate for which you first need to establish a connection using authentication methods depending on which third-party that you're connecting to.

What You'll Learn

  • How to add/configure an integration within the playbook

Integrations in Playbook

Integrations in LogicHub allow the playbook to connect to the external application. If you want to establish a connection between third-party applications with LogicHub, use an integration connection to configure details such as URL, username password, or API Key/Token. You can access or perform actions without leaving LogicHub. By adding an integration step in the playbook, you can send information to another application or pull information from that application into LogicHub.

For example, if you want to update Google Sheets and automate the task to create a ticket in Jira whenever the updates happen, set up a connection to your company's Jira instance and then add a step to your playbook that automatically creates a ticket in Jira based on the updates performed in Google Sheets. After you have added that connection, you can start using the actions available for that application inside the playbooks.

How to Add an Integration

  1. Hover over the step to add an integration. Click + button. The step catalog opens up.
  2. Select the required integration.

How to Configure an Integration

Choose a connection or create a new connection from the drop-down.

  1. If you choose an existing connection, enter the details in the form and click Run.
  2. If you choose a new connection, enter the details for that integration and click Next.
* Enter the details in the subsequent form and click **Run**.

To view the list of integrations, you can navigate to Automations > Integrations on the left navigation.

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