Protection of data on the platform

Data at Rest Encryption

  • LogicHub application is deployed on an AWS EC2 instance and all customer data is stored only on encrypted EBS volumes attached to the EC2 instance.
  • EBS Volume is encrypted using AWS KMS key.
  • Since the encryption key is managed internally, the key cannot be leaked.

Data Backups Encryption

  • LogicHub takes backup of the database to guard against loss of the automation content and system configuration.
  • The backup is encrypted and stored in AWS S3.
  • The encryption key is stored in a centralized vault stored centrally in LogicHub's IT infrastructure
  • Backup file is downloaded and decrypted only in case of data recovery. The encryption key is fetched from the centralized vault at the time of recovery and discarded after use.
  • Optionally, backups can be stored in a customer-managed store.

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