Version: 3.0.0

Smartsheet is a software as a service offering for collaboration and work management. Smartsheet used to assign tasks, track project progress, manage calendars, share documents, and manage other work, using a tabular user interface.

Connect Smartsheet with LogicHub

  1. Navigate to Automations > Integrations.
  2. Search for Smartsheet.
  3. Click Details, then the + icon. Enter the required information in the following fields.
    • Label: Enter a connection name.
    • Reference Values: Define variables here to templatize integration connections and actions. For example, you can use https://www.{{hostname}}.com where, hostname is a variable defined in this input. For more information on how to add data, see 'Add Data' Input Type for Integrations.
    • Verify SSL: Select option to verify connecting server's SSL certificate (Default is Verify SSL Certificate).
    • Remote Agent: Run this integration using the LogicHub Remote Agent.
    • API Key: The API Key to connect to the Smartsheet.
  4. After you've entered all the details, click Connect.

Actions for Smartsheet

Get Events

Gets events that are occurring in your Smartsheet organization account. Examples of events are creation, update, load, and delete of sheets, reports, dashboards, attachments, users, etc.

Input Field

Choose a connection that you have previously created and then fill in the necessary information in the following input fields to complete the connection.

Input NameDescriptionRequired
Start TimeEnter the value for the start time in ISO 8601 format (Default is Batch start time). Example: 2020-08-25T21:49:46-07:00.Optional
End TimeEnter the value for end time in ISO 8601 format (Default is Batch end time). Example: 2020-08-26T21:49:46-07:00.Optional
Max CountMaximum number of events (per parent row) to return as a response to this call. Must be between 1 through 10,000 (inclusive). (Default is 10,000).Optional


A JSON object containing multiple rows of result:

  • has_error: True/False
  • error: message/null
  • result: List of events.
    "action": "CREATE",
    "additionalDetails": {
      "sheetName": "New Sheet1",
      "sourceGlobalTemplateId": "7881304550205316",
      "sourceType": "global_template"
    "error": null,
    "eventId": "2.1.qivo1GGKR9_f3GrWaiJhAiFFnhhbIBtFbZOdepKU6fU",
    "eventTimestamp": "2020-09-09T13:03:35Z",
    "has_error": false,
    "objectId": 6712391871293316,
    "objectType": "SHEET",
    "requestUserId": 4797306638755716,
    "source": "WEB_APP",
    "userId": 4797306638755716

Release Notes

  • v3.0.0 - Updated architecture to support IO via filesystem

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