Devo delivers real-time operational and business value from analytics on streaming and historical data to operations, IT, security and business teams.

Integration with LogicHub

Connecting with Devo

To connect to Devo following details are required:

  • Label: Connection name.
  • Reference Values: Define variables here to templatize integration connections and actions. For example, you can use https://www.{{hostname}}.com where, hostname is a variable defined in this input. For more information on how to add data, see 'Add Data' Input Type for Integrations.
  • URL: Devo server URL.
    Devo cloud URLs for these two regions:
    - USA:
    - EU:
  • PERMISSION: Select permission. Devo has different tokens for read and write access.
  • API Token: API Token to connect to devo instance.
    This is the OAuth token. Make sure for read, it has permission to read all tables that is, the target table should be '***' and for write, Http Send should be allowed.

Actions with Devo

Run Query

Run query in Devo instance.

Inputs to this Action

  • Templated Query: Templated Query to execute.
  • Explode Results: Yes/No. Keep results in a single dict, or explode into separate rows? (default: No).
  • Add Info Fields: Yes/No. Add information fields to output? (default: No).
  • Start Time (Optional): Column name from the parent table to lookup value for start time (UTC). Example: 2017-05-22T10:00:00. (Default: Batch start time). Note: Setting this time in the future will result in a slow query.
  • End Time (Optional): Column name from the parent table to lookup value for end time (UTC). Example: 2017-05-22T10:00:00. (Default: Batch end time).
  • Event Time Range (Optional): Subtract a time range from end time to calculate a new start time (ignored if Start Time column provided above). Examples: 5m, 1h, 1d, or 0.5d.
  • Limit (Optional): Limit of rows to be returned (Default: 500, Max: 50000).

Output of Action
(with following inputs)

  • Templated Query: from {{query}}
  • Explode Results: No
  • Add Info Fields: Yes
  • Start Time: startT
  • End Time: endT
  • Limit: 10000

Send Events

Send Events to Devo instance. This action will send one event per row in the parent table.

Inputs to this Action

  • DEVO DOMAIN: The name of your Devo domain (e.g. "[email protected]")
  • MESSAGE TAG: Tag (event table) for messages sent to Devo.
  • MESSAGE (Optional): Column Name from parent table containing the message. Default is all columns.
  • MESSAGE HOSTNAME (Optional): Hostname to use as message source.

Output of Action
{"success": true, "error": null, "has_error": false}

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