Converts HTML table to JSON.

This operator converts HTML table to JSON. If more than one table are present in HTML string then only first parsed table is converted to JSON.

Operator Usage in Easy Mode

  1. Click + on the parent node.
  2. Enter HTML Table to JSON operator in the search field and select the operator from the Results to open the operator form.
  3. In the Table drop-down, enter or select the table to apply the operator.
  4. In the HTML Col field, enter the column containing the HTML table.
  5. Click Run to view the result.
  6. Click Save to add the operator to the playbook.
  7. Click Cancel to discard the operator form.

table (TableReference): The table to apply the operator
htmlCol (String): Column containing HTML table
The output table is the same as input table with an additional column named 'json_table'


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