Settings generally represented with cogwheel image allows users to adjust their preferences, change the functionalities, configure their system, and manage connected devices

The following are the constituents of the LogicHub Settings:

  • Account: To manage LogicHub License, Send Audit Logs to a Syslog Server and to select Default timezone for system dashboards under Timezone tab
  • Security: Set Password Policy to control the requirements for user passwords for your LogicHub instance and how to use LogicHub API Tokens to make secure REST or HTTP Query protocol requests to LogichHub service APIs
  • User Management: User Management involves defining and managing users, roles, and access levels
  • Advanced Settings compiles of Remote Agents and SMTP Connections
    • Remote Agents: Remote Agent Client allows the LogicHub deployment residing outside of your firewall to send and receive data from your on-network applications
    • SMTP Connections: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol SMTP is a standard communication protocol for sending email messages on business networks and the Internet.
  • Credentials Store: Hashicorp Vault is available as an option to provide credentials for LogicHub integrations and event types
  • Case Settings: Case Settings enables you to define the settings that apply to all cases and workflow for case types.

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