User accounts provide access to the LogicHub user interface and determine the level of access to entities such as playbooks and dashboards. All accounts are listed on the User tab under Settings > Users. The page also has tabs to create user groups and configure single sign-on for authentication.


To access the user management pages, you must be in a group that has User Management permission.

Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

LogicHub provides fine-grained control over access to entities, including playbooks, dashboards, event types, connections, streams, custom lists, destinations, and commands. Each user is assigned to one or more groups. The group configuration specifies which entity types the members have access to and the level of access:

  • List. View entities of this type.
  • Create. Add, edit, or view entities of this type.
  • Admin. Perform all functions related to entities of this type.

Managing User Accounts

Before setting up user accounts, create user groups.

If you plan to use single sign-on for authentication, configure those settings before setting up users. For single sign-in options and instructions, see the following topics:

Create User Groups

Follow the instructions in Create User Groups.

Add a User Account

Follow the instructions in Create User Accounts.

Disable a User Account

An admin user can disable a user account. To disable an account, click the more icon (...) to the right of the user's name and select Disable. When you disable a user account, the user account is listed as disabled in the UI and the user can no longer log in to LogicHub. You can reenable or delete a disabled user account.

Delete a User Account

An admin user can delete a user account. To delete an account, click the more icon (...) to the right of the user's name and select Delete. When you delete a user account, the user is listed as deleted and cannot log in or be reenabled.


If a user account is deleted, any playbooks the user has created remain in the system and can be shared by an admin user.

Reset the Password for Another User

If you are an admin user, you can request a password reset on behalf of any other user.

  1. Click the refresh icon for the user entry and then click OK to verify that you want to continue with the reset.
    • A new password is generated. Copy the password and provide it to the user.

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