Include Data from a CSV or JSON File

You can include data from a CSV or JSON file in an automation step in a playbook. Because the CSV of JSON file is a data source, it must be added at the beginning of the playbook under Start.

To incorporate CSV or JSON data in a playbook:

  1. Create a new playbook in Easy Mode or edit an existing one.
  2. In the playbook editor, hover over the Start step and click +.
  3. Under ‘What do you want to automate?’, search for and select the Get Data from CSV or JSON file automation. If you click + for another step instead, a message indicates that this automation must be added at the beginning and gives you the option to add it under Start.
  4. To specify the file by location, select Enter location of file and add the file URL. To upload a file, select Upload file and then drag the file to the upload area.
  5. Click Submit.

The step is added to the playbook and the structured file contents are displayed.

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