Delete a User

Permanently remove a User



User's who has been assigned as Admin under User Management > Users > Groups and, or
part of a Group which has either Create or Admin permissions under User Management entity.

User's who fulfil the above criteria can only delete any other User's account.


Once the User's account is Deleted, can not be restored.

  1. Select Settings on the left navigation pane.
  2. Navigate to User Management > Users.
  3. Navigate to Users and from the list of users, click the mid-line ellipsis (three-dot options menu)
    • If you know the User Name use the Search option to filter from the list of users.
  4. Click Delete, confirm by selecting OK.


(Deleted Id-xxx) sign with respective Id numbering is marked in the list of users against all the deleted User's.

Groups which has either Create or Admin permissions can access, manage and share the Playbooks created earlier by the deleted User's.

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