Add a Module to a Playbook

A module is a pre-built automation function that you can add to your playbook. Modules can perform actions such as formatting output, parsing a string, checking IP addresses, or downloading emails. For example, a module could check IP addresses against an abuse IP database.

A module is defined within a step. Each step consists of a single pre-built automation (module or integration). A module can have child steps, but the actions in a child step are configurable only if the parent module has a defined automation.

To add a module:

  1. Create or edit your playbook in Advanced Mode.
  2. Start the module setup in either of the following ways:
    • If you are adding a module to an existing step, click Add Automation within the step.
    • If you are creating a module directly, click + for the parent step on the map and select Add Module.
  3. Locate the module you would like to add in any of the following ways:
  • Scroll through the list.
  • Start entering the name in the search area to see matching modules.
  • Expand the module list in the left menu and select a module type to filter the list by that type.
  1. Click + to select and set up the module.
  1. Specify the fields for the module. The particular fields depend on the type of module.
  2. Click Insert to save and add the module to your playbook.

Edit a Module

  1. Click the header of the step on the map to display the details.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Modify any of the settings.
  4. Click Save.

Add Integration in a Module

Playbooks allow you to add an integration while adding or editing a module.

  1. Click + on any node to add a module. See Add a Module to a Playbook.
  2. Click + on the module > Module Definition > Edit.

The editing page opens up.

  1. Click + on the node and choose Add Integration.

Delete an Automation in a Module

You cannot edit an existing module, but you can delete a module without deleting the step.

  1. Click the automation name in the step.
  2. Click OK to confirm the deletion.

Delete a Module

  1. Click the header of the step on the map to display the details.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Click Remove Automation and click OK to confirm.

Deconstruct a Module

Deconstructing a module removes the module wrapper and leaves all the steps in place. Use the deconstruct action in the following cases:

  • if you no longer want to group steps in a particular module.
  • If you want to change the steps in a module. In this case, you must deconstruct the module and then create a new one.

To deconstruct a module, click it to display the settings, and then select Actions > Deconstruct. The module is deconstructed and all the steps to the bottom right of the module automatically shift to make space for the deconstructed steps.

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