Create a column populated with the first non-NULL values among the columns provided

This operator is used to take the first non-NULL value among the columns provided.

Operator Usage in Easy Mode

  1. Click + on the parent node.
  2. Enter the wording CoalesceColumns in the search field under What do you want to automate? and select the CoalesceColumns operator from the Results to open the operator form.
  3. In the Input Table drop-down, enter or select the table containing the data to run this operator on.
  4. In the Input Column drop-down, enter or select the input columns that are to have coalesced.
  5. In the Output Column name the respective output column in which the first column of non-NULL value will be populated.
  6. Click Run to view the result.
  7. Click Save to add the operator to the playbook.
  8. Click Cancel to discard the operator form.

Usage Details

coalesceColumns(table, inputColumns, outputColumn)

table (TableReference): The input table
inputColumns (ColumnReference[]): List of input columns to be coalesced
outputColumn (String): Output column name



email isEmployee salary designation
[email protected] true 2986HR
[email protected] false 2986.7910022Banker
null null 3982IT
[email protected] true 293782Media

You can extract the values using the below query in LQL node.

coalesceColumns(nodeData2, ["email","isEmployee","salary","designation"], "output")


email isEmployee salary designation output
[email protected] true 2986 HR[email protected]
[email protected] false 2986.7910022Banker [email protected]
null null 3982IT 3982
[email protected] true 293782Media [email protected]

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