Set Up Custom Server Name Certificate

By default, the LogicHub application ships with a self-signed TLS certificate for the web server. This means users of the LogicHub application will encounter an "Server Certificate" warning when they access it from the browser. Users can bypass this warning by installing a CA-signed TLS certificate on the LogicHub server.

  1. Determine the hostname for your users to access the LogicHub application.
  2. Obtain a CA-signed TLS certificate for that hostname.
  3. Put the .crt and .key file in /etc/ssl, replacing the existing /etc/ssl/server.crt and /etc/ssl/server.key with the ones you received from your CA.
  4. Make sure server.crt and server.key are owned by root.
  5. Run this at the command prompt sudo docker restart nginx to restart the web server.

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