Forms Template

Forms allow you to request input from users and automatically include the responses in a case or playbook. Examples:

  • To request information about a task when it’s marked as done in a case, assign a form to a case type and then select that case type when creating the case. For instructions on assigning a form to a case type, see Add tasks to a case.
  • If you have a playbook that depends on steps that can't be fully automated, you can send a form to a user and automatically incorporate the responses in the playbook. To use a form for a playbook automation, select the Ask User Input automation in Easy Mode.

Create a Form

  1. Select Forms Template on the left navigation.
  2. Click + on the upper-right corner of the page.
  3. Add a Form Name and Form Description.
  4. To include a dynamic field in a form question, click Add Parameter and enter the parameter name. Add additional parameters as needed. The value of the dynamic field is set when the form is added to a task.
  5. To add a question to the form, select a question type and enter the text for the question.
    For the multiple-choice, single select, and dropdown options, enter text for the first option. Click + to add additional options and X to remove an option.
  6. Select the Required toggle button as active and enter a header for the question response. The header is required for a user to submit the form when working on a case.
  7. To duplicate the question, click the Duplicate icon. To delete a question, click the Trash can icon.
  1. To add additional questions, click Add Question.
  2. In the Form Expiry, set an expiration date for the form, select a number of Weeks, Days, Hours, Minutes, or Seconds.
  3. Select the checkbox Send a mail for receiving input to set up the email ID(s) for outgoing mail as a part of Playbooks
    • Click on the drop-down menu under Outgoing Server to select an SMTP connection.
    • Enter the required email IDs In the Recipient Email IDs column using comma-separated values to send an email to request input for the form and receive the responses.
    • Click VIEW SUBJECT AND BODY drop-down menu to see the default Subject and Body message, which can be edited if required.
  4. To send a reminder email for selected recipients to fill the form, select the checkbox Send reminder mails to selected recipients till the form expiry date and enter a number of Weeks, Days, or Hours and also for how many repetitions.


Can set to send reminder emails a maximum of 4 times over a selected period (Weeks, Days, or Hours).

  1. To run a command and include the output in the form response, select the checkbox Run a command on the output of the form being created and enter or select the command and parameters.
  2. When you have completed the form setup, click Save.
    The form is now successfully created and is available for use with cases and as input to playbook automation. The email notification to fill the form is sent to the added recipients.

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