Create a Playbook Query Using Templates

The Easy Mode editor allows you to build queries from LogicHub operators using templated WHERE clauses for operators.

  1. In the Easy Mode editor, click + on the parent step.
  2. In the 'What do you want to automate?' field, enter all or part of the name of the operator you want to use and click Search & Add Automation.
  1. Select the operator from the results.
  2. The configuration panel opens to show the operator name, description. and configuration area. The specific settings depend on the operator. For example for the selectivelyDeleteFromList operator, you're prompted to enter the name of the list that you want to delete from.

A filter template allows you to define the filters that determine the operator action.

  1. For each filter rule, specify a column, operator, and value. To add an additional rule, click +Rule. Choose AND or OR to determine how you want to combine multiple rules. To include a subset of rules with a shared boolean operator (AND or OR), click +Group.

  2. When the configuration is complete, click Submit to add the step and execute the operator.


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