Back Up and Restore Configurations

A backup script is installed as part of the overall LogicHub installation process. Backups are set to take place automatically, twice per day.
Each backup includes the following configuration items:

  • Connections
  • Destinations
  • Event Types
  • Full playbook structure
  • Streams
  • Integration instances
  • Rule sets and rules
  • Scripts uploaded to the Scripts page
  • User account configurations
  • Sharing settings (public/private)
  • Threat GPS sources

Backups do not include the following operational data on the system:

  • Batches
  • Event segments
  • Playbook execution results
  • Starred correlations

If a failure occurs and your installation must be restored, the operational data can be regenerated using the restored configuration files.

In addition to the automatic twice per day backups, an administrator can invoke the backup script on demand by using the following command:


Backup files are kept for 30 days by default, and are stored as text files in this directory on the LogicHub host:


The backup filename format includes the deployment and timestamp:


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