Choose the Steps you Want to Present

Presentation mode allows you to display a selected subset of the steps in your playbook. Presentation mode is useful if you have a large playbook or one that performs multiple functions and want to focus on a particular area of interest.

The playbook itself remains the same. A single click allows you to toggle between displaying the selected steps and displaying the entire playbook.

To set up presentation mode, first tag the steps you want to include for presentation, and then select the tag when setting up the presentation options.

Tag the Steps to Present

Open the Advanced Mode playbook designer. For each step you want to include in a presentation, select it. In the query area, enter the tag text in the tag area and press Return. If you want to define multiple presentations, add additional tags.

Set the Presentation Options

In the Advanced Mode playbook designer, select More > Flow Presentation Options.

Under Preferred Presentation View, select the tag for the steps you want to include in the presentation. Click Apply to save your selection and display only the steps with the selected tag.

If you would like this view to be the default for all users, click Make default. To clear the current settings and return to the default, click Clear.

Use Presentation Mode

After setting up presentation mode, click the Presentation icon to switch back and forth between viewing the full playbook and viewing just the tagged steps.

For example, in the following playbook, the three steps shown in the red box have been tagged for the presentation.

Pressing the Presentation icon changes the display to show just the tagged steps.

To change back to the full playbook, click the Presentation icon again.

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