Activate Playbook using Streams

Playbook is a workflow that can be automated. Streams are how you automate the playbook. To stream the playbook is to define when do you want to run the playbook, how much data should the playbook process, and such. You can choose to stream the playbook at preset intervals or on-demand using a web-hook. Each time a stream runs, it will process all the events that happened in an interval that we defined. Each such run is called a batch. And the interval is called batch length. Once each batch is executed, you can review the results from the Stream page. However, you can only review the results of steps that you have marked as output in the playbook.

What You'll Learn

  • How to Stream a Playbook

How to Create a Stream

  1. Click on the three dots (...) on any step for which you want to create a stream and toggle to enable the Output Data to Stream button.
  2. Click on Set Trigger or Stream to schedule streams. To know more, see Set Trigger.

What's Next

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📍   Activate Playbook using Streams

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