Set Up Slack Integration

Steps to get Webhook URL to use in Slack Integration

  1. Visit
  2. Click Create New App.
  1. Fill App Name and select Development Slack Workspace and click Create App
  1. Select/Click Incoming Webhooks
  1. Activate Incoming Webhooks and click Add New Webhook to Workspace
  1. Select channel and click Allow
  1. Your Webhook URL is now ready. Copy and use it in Slack Integration.
  • Additionally, you can edit Display Information by visiting the particular app’s page by clicking on respective app listed on

  • If this app is to be used by members within the same Slack Workspace, no need to publish it. If it is to be published and made available globally in Slack App Directory so that it can be shared across Workspaces, then it needs review by Slack Team before it can be published.

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