Add Scorer

A scorer is a mechanism to apply manual feedback from an analyst so that individual events can be scored higher or lower on an exception basis.

In Advanced Mode, scorer tasks are displayed with a purple header. In our example playbook, the scorer allows you to override the scoring done in the previous step with a manual score. This option is useful if you have independent information about a particular event that causes you to view it as either more critical or less critical than is determined by the automatic scoring in your playbook.


To configure a scorer:

  1. Create or edit a playbook in Advanced Mode.
  2. Click + for the parent step on the map and select Scorer.

The settings show on the right. The step you just added is highlighted.

  1. Click Available Functions and select one of the score functions.
  2. You can now select one or more rows in the result table and select the score from the Select dropdown list below the table.

You can assign scores to multiple rows. Select checkboxes for the rows you want to modify, or use the Select menu at the bottom of the table to select rows, and then choose from the Score menu to apply that score to the selected rows.

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