Milestone 60

What's New



  • The Devo integration allows you to perform analytics on streaming and historical data. It includes connection and event type and destination.
  • The Humio integration enables data aggregation, exploration, reporting, and analysis from a range of sources.


  • LogicHub now supports Microsoft ADFS as an IDP for SSO via SAMLv2 to authenticate users for access to the LogicHub UI. See Use ADFS SSO authenticate to LogicHub.
  • Password encryption and rotation are now implemented using the external Hashicorp Vault


  • Changes to Dashboard Creation
    To make dashboard creation easier, we have removed the concept of Dataset and Custom Widget. Instead, creating a widget now simply involve selecting a Data Source and the Visualization. See Create a dashboard.

In addition, you can now change the data source of a widget inside a dashboard. And you can clone widgets from one dashboard to another.


  • Obsidian integration has been updated.
  • Web API includes the ability to download response as a file.
  • Jira integration has updates to the Query Issues, Get Issue, and Download Attachments actions.

Bug Fixes

  • Ability to create command without any parameters
  • Unable to run a query when one of the columns is of type boolean
  • Jinja-templated field input of integration should place the reference wherever the cursor is positioned
  • Case repeatedly throws errors and shows running command if a command fails
  • Editing the name of the node for a module used in the flow does not change the display value [UX Enhancement]