Milestone 76

What's New


  • Blameless integration helps you to create, update, and get a list of incidents.
  • xMatters integration provides the ability to trigger an event and get the details of an event.
  • Google Sheets integration helps to read and write data into Google Sheet.
  • Microsoft Teams (Graph API) integration provides the ability to send and retrieve messages to the specified channel or member.
  • ServiceNow (Basic Auth) integration:
    • Provides the ability to create, update, and retrieve the incident details and allows you to download the metadata for multiple attachments.
    • Uses the API endpoint query parameters to perform an advanced search.
  • Naverisk integration helps to get the list of clients, devices, and ticket details and also allows you to create tickets.
  • Microsoft Azure NSG Flow Logs integration helps you fetch flow log tuples.
  • Cisco Umbrella integration provides the ability to retrieve the list of network devices.


  • Made automating playbooks more discoverable with Set Trigger. Streams (automated playbooks) are now accessible within the playbooks.
  • Date/Time field in cases allows you to select the time in seconds.
  • IBM QRadar is enhanced with a new action 'Update Map Bulk'.
  • Joe Security Sandbox is enhanced with a new action 'Delete Analysis'.
  • Splunk integration is enhanced with a new field 'Owner' in Update Notables action.
  • Jira integration supports column name that contains accountID, emailAddress, displayName of the new assignee.

Bug Fixes

  • Adding action to custom integration now upgrades the existing connections automatically.
  • FieldnameStatistics operator now handles the null values that exist in the data.
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