Milestone 74

What's New


  • Exchange Online (Graph API) integration retrieves and sends emails from your exchange server.
  • Cloudflare integration provides content delivery network services and other features.
  • MistNet integration monitors your organization’s network in real-time.
  • Slack Web API integration provides the ability to post messages to a user or channel.
  • CA Service Desk integration provides some of the features that include change management, automation support, and so on.



  • Improved usability and real estate management of fields and buttons throughout the UI.
  • Authorize Slack Channel option via feature flag is handled by the administrators.
  • SMTP Integration:
    • provides the ability to send an email using the Bcc field.
    • enhanced with a new option 'From Email Address' in Send Email and Send a Static Email If the Table is Empty actions.
  • OTRS integration is enhanced with new options in the Ticket Get action.
  • Cisco ThreatGrid integration supports new actions: Search Submissions and Search Samples.
  • TruStar integration supports new actions: Get Reports, Get Tags for that Reports, and Get Indicators for that Report.

Bug Fixes

  • Service Provider (SP) initiated SSO does not check authentication method and user.
  • User login system event is not generated for users authenticated via Okta.
  • Table widget should not have a hard limit of 100 rows.
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