Milestone 91

What's New


Introduction of a new integration: LogRhythm (REST API to interact with alarms)

  • LogRhythm is an enterprise-class platform that seamlessly combines SIEM, log management, file integrity monitoring and machine analytics with host and network forensics in a unified Security Intelligence Platform.


  • Dashboard enhanced with two new widgets Progress, Funnelalso considerable visual improvements, and redesign was done for system dashboard over the look, feel and rearrangement of existing functionalities.
  • Forms Template has an enhanced action: Send reminder mails to selected recipients till the form expiry date, to fill the form
  • Case Types permission for specific User/Group has an enhanced action: see Manage Case Details to understand more on how to set and/or edit case permissions for users or groups
  • OTRS integration has an enhanced all actions with retry option
  • Case Management integration has an enhanced action: Get Case Details, added new field Include Content In Attachments with a default value as No to avoid the unnecessary amount of space necessity.
  • RSA Archer integration has an enhanced action: Get Attachment, from an Archer incident
  • runScriptV2 operator introduced to eliminate strings getting arbitrarily wrapped with quotation marks for non-valid JSON for which it has to be removed by the user building the playbook

Bug Fixes

Comments ranking arrange itself to ascending order (old comments at top) in case details page if page open for a while

  • Comments order fixed now to show creation time in descending order (latest comments at top) when commenting through the comment section, slack, or command task, or auto-refresh functionality