Milestone 65

What's New


  • Role-based access control (RBAC)
    RBAC provides fine-grained control over access to entities (playbooks, dashboards, event types, connections, streams, custom lists, destinations, and commands). As part of the user account setup, each user is assigned to one or more groups. The group configuration specifies which entity types the members have access to and the level of access: List, Create, or Admin. See Manage Users.

  • Content Library
    Access to entity types in LogicHub (playbooks, dashboards, event types, connections, streams, custom lists, destinations, and commands) is now provided through the content library (My Library on the side menu). The library provides a common interface for managing the lists of entities and performing actions such as edit, download, move. See Manage Content in your Library.

  • Sharing Content
    Fine-grained RBAC controls are now available when sharing content. Users can share any entity they have access to with selected users and groups, provided that the users and groups have access to that entity type and that the sharing is at a level no higher than the user's own access. See Share Content from your Library.

Case Management

  • Download Case Search Results
    Download the results of a search for cases to a CSV file. See Search for Cases.


  • DateTime is now supported as a field type for custom fields
  • In case details, when the attachment is an image, a thumbnail preview is shown. Click the preview image to view a larger version.
  • Improved the layout of step information in Easy Mode.
  • Modify Detection is added to the CrowdStrike Falcon Host (OAuth Based) integration.
  • Save Table as PDF is added to the File Tools integration.
  • Enhancements are added to the Urlscan_IO integration.
  • Enhancements are added to the TruSTAR integration.
  • Pull Event Details is added to the FortiSIEM integration.

Bug Fixes

  • A command executed multiple times when run as an 'on click' task.
  • A duplicate column (case-insensitive) error generated by an output step should have been identified earlier.
  • Could not rename the parent steps of the joinTables operator.