Milestone 113


  • Destination: Added retries and visibility of the result of forwarding.
  • Improve performance of loading detection under My UseCases section.
  • Disabled Query section when we run/update SQL node.
  • Changed from python2 to python3 for vulnerability fix in the following integration:
  • Code vulnerability fix by removing the usage of the static jar from the below integration:
  • Sailpoint integration has added 6 new actions: search, List Accounts, Delete account, get account, List Account Activities, Get Account
  • Zendesk integration has added token-based authentication at the connection level.

Bug Fixes

  • If a user’s password expires (per system security settings), or if an admin resets a user’s password and gives them a temporary password, that password can still be used for whatever the user wants in scripting without authorization being denied. We have fixed this now.
  • Update Case/ Create Case action failing for field( type single select) update with an invalid value of integration Case Management. We have fixed this now.
  • Showing proper error message when some error occurs in connecting the server or retrieving the message of integration Exchange (Quarantine Messages).
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