Milestone 95

What's New


Introduction of a new integration: Flashpoint Threat Intelligence Integration

  • Flashpoint is the globally trusted leader in risk intelligence for organizations that demand the fastest, most comprehensive coverage of threatening activity on the internet

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for User Input Form

  • LH RBAC which restricts network access based on a person's role has been introduced to assign applicable permission to view, create or edit the User Input Form.


  • Dashboard enhanced by optimizing the time to load data of individual widgets in the dashboard with respective new individual widget data APIs and then call APIs and render the data on the dashboard asynchronously. Also, unused APIs will get cancelled while switching between various dashboards which further enhances the UI experience for the User.
  • Case Management enhanced to optimize overall time for case creation.
  • Darktrace integration has a new enhanced action: Post Intelfeed List to add and access IOCs ( IPs, Domains, Hashes etc) to Darktrace DT Watched List.
  • Utilities integration has a new enhanced action: "Render Template" modified to add render number optional field which is jinja2 template for the number of times a Jinja2 template need to be rendered (Default: 1).
  • Microsoft Identity And Access (Graph) has enhanced multiple actions: Added 5 new actions: List IP NamedLocation, Create IP NamedLocation, Get IP NamedLocation, Update IP NamedLocation, Delete IP NamedLocation.
  • Qualys Vulnerability Management integration has a new enhanced action: Fetch Raw Report by Name.

Bug Fixes

  • API token keys are still exposed to all users through the API endpoint by changing the URL to /api/api-token even in a browser (no scripting necessary) you can easily see every user’s existing API tokens. We have fixed this now.
  • Stacked Bar Chart Graphs with a high amount of stacked values (columns) do not display properly. It seems that some values overlap. We have fixed this now.
  • Case Management Summary Editor Ribbon disappear because of the new functionality feature CKEditor, it tries to show maximum content if something overflows by hiding the toolbar. We have fixed this now by preventing this functionality from not hiding the toolbar even if content overflows.