Milestone 82

What's New


  • SentinelOne integration connects the agent to the network and provides a summary of the dashboard threats.
  • CheckPhish AI integration enables you to scan URLs for phishing and fraud. You can also check the scan status.


Case Management

  • Cases now automatically refreshes the changes in all fields, except the Task Details page, made by another user while you are viewing the page.
  • The Case list page now automatically refreshes the newly added or deleted cases by another user while you are viewing the page.


  • Cases, Quick Actions, and Detections now have an improved user interface.
  • Case Management integration (Actions: Search Issues and Get Case Details) performance is improved.
  • Cases and Tasks now loads much faster.


  • New fields are introduced in Cases to render JSON and Markdown results.
  • Earlier the field type was not changeable once the new field is saved, but now you can change it.
  • Cases now enable you to upload images easily by dragging and dropping them into the Summary and Comments fields.
  • The Use case now provides the ability to add multiple playbooks, dashboard, and commands.
    • Use cases created in version M82 or higher, will not be supported in lower versions.
  • You can now configure the case column width in Cases.
  • Okta integration now allows you to list users.
  • Mimecast is enhanced with new actions for blocking the domain.
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