Milestone 70

What's New



Case Management


  • Case types and Fields sections are now part of Case Settings. See Set Up the Case Type.
  • Playbook allows you to perform some of the new operations in the output data to make it more intuitive. See Basic Operations in Playbook.
  • LogicHub allows you to perform bulk action for streams and baselines. See Bulk Actions on Streams and Baselines.
  • Templatization is introduced to use the flow-based event types within the Event Type Templates.
  • Randori Integration is introduced with new actions.
  • OTRS Integration is introduced with a new action - Ticket Get.
  • Urlscan_IO Integration has a new option for public/private scan in 'URLs Scan' action.

Bug Fixes

  • Batch error notifications do not indicate which system they came from.
  • Unable to read full resource names in the new Library view like a playbook, command, etc.
  • Module details do not show usage in commands.
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