Milestone 96

What's New

  • New UDF - mapStrToJson has been introduced which helps us to convert unstructured openDistro Map String to JSON.


  • Ability to run an integration on multiple connections. See Details.
  • In Darktrace integration action: Post Intelfeed List added new optional field Expiry
  • Carbon Black Response v2 integration has a new enhanced action: Search Reputation Overrides and Device Quarantine v2.
  • In Axonius integration action: Get Assets added new optional field Fields
  • Palo Alto Panorama integration has a new enhanced action: Get Thread by its Id.
  • Microsoft Graph integration has a new enhanced action: Send message, list message and move message, and marked old list message action as a deprecated.

Bug Fixes

  • The Query Issues action for the Jira integration returns an error if there are no results. We have fixed this now.