Milestone 94


  • Qualys Vulnerability Management has been enhanced to add two actions
    • Fetch reports by its ID,
    • List all the reports against a target host
  • Anomali Threat Intelligence Platform has been enhanced to add import with manual approval v2 action.
  • Nexpose integration has been added with multiple enhancements
    • Create Site, Delete Site, Create Site Scan and Delete Site Scan.
  • DNS integrations have been updated by adding optional input DNS server field at connection level and in all three actions.
  • Case Management: "Create Case" updated to eradicate the action fails with an error that occurs if the Case priority field is not provided..

Bug Fixes

  • Relevant stacked bar graph representation in the Bar widget shown on the dashboard is getting populated with color despite the given value of the bar is zero. We have fixed this now.
  • Users are able to append comments in a case through Case Management integration even after being disabled. We have fixed this now.
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