Milestone 93

What's New


Introduction of a new integration: Expel (SOC-as-a-service platform)

  • Expel is a SOC-as-a-service platform that provides security monitoring and response for cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments.


  • Dashboard enhanced with new Title widget and also considerable visual improvements by adding a couple of new Click through buttons Zoom in & out for respective widgets on dashboard, and redesigned Bar and Line widgets to add the new filter option All columns (except X axis) to configure the Y-axis.
  • To Identify Similar Cases in a more feasible way, an enhanced action Link cases by CASE ID was added.
  • Case Search in advanced mode has an enhanced filter value current user.
  • SMTP connections has enhanced to create multiple connections so that to have the ability to use different SMTP connections per Form.
  • Carbon Black integration has an enhanced action Reputation Add File V2: Added new field CERT, IT_TOOL options in override_type to this action.
  • Exchange (EWS) has an enhanced action: Download Quarantine Message with message Id as input and Download Quarantine Message List with time-frame as input parameters.

Bug Fixes

  • User was unable to access the top menu options (Date/Time field, the Stream button, and the triple dot menu button off-screen) in playbook easy mode if the browser window is smaller than 1450px because of fixed width. We have fixed this now.
  • User assigned as default watcher in case type used to receive case notifications for the modifications of their own activity (Update a field, leave a comment, change the status, etc.). We have fixed this now.