Milestone 88

What's New


  • ZeroFox integration returns notifications that match the default filters and parameters.

Case Management


  • Present mode has been now improved to show tagged nodes and allows you to add slides to each presentation.
  • S3 Event type connection has been simplified to select the JSON keys that can be used to specify the data to retrieve in the fields.
  • The Case listing page now has an improved user interface that includes a wrapped maximum title.
  • Exchange (EWS) is enhanced with the actions: 'Forward Email' and 'Reply All'.
  • Confluence has an enhanced action: 'Update Attachment'.
  • The 'Update Incident Ticket' action in ServiceNow integration now allows you update a ticket with the information you want when the parent table has any new results.

Bug Fixes

  • Using filter within the loadList operator used to return incorrect results. We have fixed this now.
  • The PredictFromNearestNeighbor operator used to throw an error if the custom list was empty. We have fixed this now.
  • While importing playbooks, connections of same names used to conflict even if they are of different integrations. We have fixed this now. The same name conflicts will only happen if the connections are of the same integration.
  • Previously, the 'Retry on error' functionality of streams did not function properly. We have fixed this now.