Milestone 80

What's New


  • AWS IAM integration retrieves information about when the specified access key was last used.
  • Axonius integration helps you to get a list of assets by different fields.
  • FireEye ETP integration provides the ability to get details of alerts and messages.
  • Telegram integration allows you to send text messages.

Case Management

  • Automation Library now supports out of the box Commands.


  • The stream status is now the status of only the most recent batch.
    • The status displays a Yellow icon if the recent batch succeeded, but there have been failures in the past. If all batches succeeded, it is Green.
    • Set the Status filter to Ready-with-error to narrow down the streams with at least one batch fail.
  • The custom list operation now executes 10x faster.
  • Summary and Comments section enhancements:
    • To add a second line, press Return/Enter.
    • To save your comments, press cmd/Ctrl + Return/Enter.
    • Now supports JSON format.
  • Help icon is now introduced on all pages that provide easy access to detailed documentation.
  • New actions are introduced in RiskIQ PassiveTotal.
  • New action Report Misjudgment is introduced in Abnormal Security.
  • New actions are introduced in Naverisk.
  • ServiceNow is enhanced with Advanced API Query action.
  • CA Service Desk integration allows user-defined custom fields in Update Ticket action.