Milestone 58

What's New


  • Ability to edit command inside the parent playbook
    If a playbook includes a form step that is based on a command, you can view the command elements or edit the command from the playbook editor. See Use forms to include manual input in playbooks.
  • Support for configuring streams from the Playbooks page. You can now create a stream from the Playbooks page or the playbook editor. See Create a stream.

Case Management

  • Formatted dashboard-style case reports for viewing and emailing
    You can set up case types to allow viewing or emailing of case information in a dashboard-style report. See Create case types.


  • The joinTables operator joins tables based on columns in the parameters.


  • Custom fields now appear in the case listing page. See Search for cases.
  • AWS CloudWatch Logs. The batch time is now the default time for actions.
  • Salesforce integration has two new actions i.e 'Get Report' and 'Insert/Update/Upsert/Delete Records'.
  • MongoDB now supports an action that performs mongoDB aggregation.