Milestone 118

What's New


  • Introduction of a new integration: JAMF and Trend Micro Workload Security
    • With JAMF, IT and security teams are able to confidently manage and protect the devices, data, and applications used by their end-users without getting in the way of the intended Apple experience.
    • Trend Micro Workload Security protects endpoints, servers, and cloud workloads through unified visibility, management, and role-based access control.


  • Optimized Advanced And Easy Mode Playbook Graph
    • Not allow moving of vertices in the playbook
  • Azure Storage integration has added 6 new actions: query_all_tables_in_account, create_table_in_account, delete_table_in_account, upsert_merge_entity_in_table, upsert_replace_entity_in_table, delete_entity_in_table
  • In Devo integration added Message Host IP optional input field in Send a Single Event and Send Events action.
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