Milestone 111

What's New


  • Introduction of a new integration: OpenSearch
    • OpenSearch is a family of software consisting of a search engine, and OpenSearch Dashboards, a data visualization dashboard for that search engine. The software started in 2021 as a fork of Elasticsearch and Kibana, with development led by Amazon Web Services.


  • Added support for User Forms implementation from SMTP to Microsoft Graph Integration.
  • CrowdStrike Falcon Host (OAuth Based) integration has added Run GraphQL Query action.
  • Zendesk integration has added 3 new actions: List Tickets, Update Ticket and List Comments
  • SMTP integration has added Reply-Tooption in Send Email action.
  • Cybereason integration has added 5 new actions Isolate Malop Machine, Set Reputation, Remediate Items, Retrieve All Malops and Get Malop Details
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