Milestone 106

What's New


  • Introduction of a guided playbook assistant! The guided playbook assistant is a conversational bot that assists users in the creation of common playbooks. The guided playbook assistant releases with the ability to create both a phishing analysis playbook and a playbook to analyze MD5 hashes. It is available when creating a new playbook in the UI.


  • ServiceNow - Basic Auth integration has deprecated 2 actions Search Incident Tickets and Advanced API Query and replaced with the new ones with different default value(i.e. 1000) for Number of Results to Return
  • Utilities integration has deprecated Render Template action and replaced it with the new one with the fix for escaping character's bug

Bug Fixes

  • Built in connection is not getting built for Web API integration. We have fixed this now.
  • Format of date in the easy mode result’s table ( semanticTypes as DateTime or EpochTime ) updated with YYYY-MM-DD…
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