Milestone 105

  • Release Date: 6th Feb 2023
  • Release Version: m105.2
  • Enhancements


  • LogicHub currently requires a case-sensitive match to the username when authenticating the user. Now It is case-insensitive.
  • ServiceNow - Basic Auth integration has added a action: Order Specified Catalog Item
  • Devo integration has added 6 new actions: Update Alert's Status, Update Alert's Status in Bulk, Get All Annotations of the Indicated Alerts, Add an Annotation to an Alert, Update an Alert Annotation and Delete the Specified Alert Annotations
  • Azure Sentinel integration has added 8 new actions: Create Or Update Incident Relations, Delete Incident Relations, List Incident Relations, Get Incident Relations, Create Or Update Incident Comments, Delete Incident Comments, List Incident Comments and Get Incident Comments
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