Milestone 92


  • Dashboard enhanced with the ability to customize colors by choice for both existing and new widgets (Bar, Line, Pie, and Funnel).
  • LogicHub API Tokens location revised to relocate under User Profile, also with enhanced default Hide option of Token Key until user select midline ellipsis (three-dot option) and click Reveal.
  • RSA Archer integration enhanced to add List Users Action and enhancement in create and update action and also added with a new action Get Attachment to download an attachment from an Archer incident.
  • AlienVault USM integration enhanced to add jinja parameters for time filters (specific start/end timestamp) for Search Alarms action.
  • Exchange (EWS) integration enhanced to add a new field named Column containing the bcc on outbound email in an existing action Send Email.
  • Carbon Black Response integration enhanced to add multiple functionalities which will enable it to quarantine devices, start background scans, and add files to Carbon Black's reputation list (allowlist or blocklist).

Bug Fixes

  • Remote Agent proxy setting is not passed onto Custom Integration containers. We have fixed this now.
  • Splunk search queries were marked as canceled instead of completed. We have fixed this now.