Milestone 67

What's New


  • Support client certificate access control (mTLS)
    LogicHub recommends any user who wants to use the application must have a certificate that you must download and install before enabling mTLS. See Mutual Transport Layer Security (mTLS).

  • Multi auth support
    LogicHub now supports multiple Single Sign-On authentication. See SAML Integration.

Case Management

  • Case fields RBAC
    Cases allow you to set read and edit permissions per field for a case type. Permissions can be assigned to a user or a group. See Set Up the Case Type.


  • Accenture MSS integration provides continuous real-time threat monitoring, analysis and reporting, and early warning intelligence.


  • DNS resolution is now supported on the remote agent client side.
  • Operator forms in Easy Mode now support expressions in the column name.
  • Case layout options for a custom field have a better categorization to easily navigate and create case configurations. See Details.
  • Google Calendar Integration provides Jinja support for start and end time fields.
  • URL Quota is added to the Zscaler integration.

Bug Fixes

  • Automatic tasks passed incorrect case information.
  • LogicHub expressions do not support field names starting with underscore "_".
  • Flow-Based Event Types follow the flow during export or when creating a use case.