Milestone 78

What's New


Streams and Baselines provide the ability to auto rerun or pause batches when an error occurs.


  • The stream status is now the status of only the most recent batch.
    • The status displays a Yellow icon if the recent batch succeeded, but there have been failures in the past. If all batches succeeded, it is Green.
    • Set the Status filter to Ready-with-error to narrow down the streams with at least one batch fail.
  • Advanced Mode provides the ability to search and replace within the node and its metadata.
  • Advanced case search provides the ability to:
  • CA Service Desk integration provides the ability to add assignees as an option in Update Ticket action.
  • New actions are introduced in Mimecast.
  • Easy Mode node designs have improved colors and icons to facilitate easier comprehension at lower zoom levels.
  • Maximum limit for a custom list is now increased from 10,000 to 100,000.
  • Commands now preserve cache.
  • SQL characters are now supported in case search.

Bug Fixes

  • Invisible characters in the playbook editor are now fixed.
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