Milestone 102

What's New


  • Introduction of a new integration: Mandiant
    • Mandiant brings together the world’s leading threat intelligence and frontline expertise with continuous security validation to arm organizations with the tools needed to increase security effectiveness and reduce business risk.


  • Ability to upgrade a single integration Connection, all connections of a single integration, and all integration connections.
  • Improved the automation library modal performance
  • In Cylance integration, added dynamic base URL optional field at the connection level.
  • Abnormal Security integration has a new enhanced action: Get Detection 360 Report.

Bug Fixes

  • Users were not allowed to change their own preferences, we have fixed that
  • Earlier, while selecting a node in the playbook, the playbook diagram shifted in such a way that the selected node would be in the center. Now the playbook diagram will stay in its original position.
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